Consulting Services

Payment is changing. You want to continue to provide high quality, high value care to your patients. IOBS can help.

Oncology Medical Home Transformation and Accreditation

IOBS partnered with the Community Oncology Alliance (COA) and the Commission on Cancer (CoC) to develop and pilot an accreditation for Oncology Medical Homes. If this interests your practice, IOBS offers an initial consultation and development of a roadmap to help your practice complete it’s transformation into a medical home. Oncology Medical homes offer:

  • Expanded access to the oncology care team
  • Continuous quality improvement
  • Patient Education
  • Financial Counselling
  • All members of the care team working to the top of their license

Bundled Payment Modeling

Bundled payments and other risk sharing models present practices with exciting opportunities to be rewarded for providing high value patient centered care. However, as we shift from fee for service payments to value based payments, oncology practices face challenges forecasting the affect that risk-based and performance-based payments will have on their bottom line. Many practices underestimate the effect that patient-to-patient and physician-to-physician variation may have on their financial outcomes under value based payments contracts. IOBS has simple tools that allow you to visualize what the financial reality might look like for your practices under an alternative payment model contract.

Claims Data Processing

The final step is proving that your practice is providing high quality, high value care. IOBS will process your claims data and provide you with intuitive, actionable information, including:

  • Hospital and emergency room utilization
  • Total Cost of Care for your patients
  • Referral patterns and associated cost and quality data
  • Benchmarking against national and regional norms

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