COME HOME Treatment Pathways

Evidence Based, Physician Driven, Open Source

The COME HOME treatment pathways are developed and maintained by committees of community and academic oncologists. They are a freely available open source tool. New pathway committees meet twice monthly during pathway construction, and then quarterly to update the pathways and keep them current.

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Cancer Type Stage Updated
Breast Cancer DCIS
Stage I-III
Recurrent or Stage IV: ER or PR pos
Recurrent or Stage IV ER/PR neg or endocrine refractory
Colon Cancer Stage II
Stage III
Stage IV PS 0-2
Stage IV PS 3-4
2017 . 07 . 28
Hodgkin Lymphoma Stage IA or IIA Favorable
Stage I-II Unfavorable
Stage III-IV
Refractory Disease
Melanoma Stage 0-IA
Resectable Stage IB or II
Unresectable Stage III-IV Good PS (0-2)
Unresectable Stage III-IV Poor PS (3-4)
Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) Stage IA
Stage IB, IIA, IIB
Stage IIIA
Stage IIIB
Metastatic Dis 1st line Rx Non-Squamous
Metastatic Dis 1st line Rx Squamous
Metastatic Dis 2nd line Rx
 2017 . 08 . 18
Pancreatic Cancer Neoadjuvant
Locally Advanced
Metastatic or Recurrent
 2017 . 09 . 15
Thyroid Cancer Metastatic Follicular, Hurthle Cell, Papillary