Aches and Pain

Pain is any feeling that causes you discomfort. It is important to know than not all cancer causes pain and that not all pain is cancer-related. It is normal to have a headache or joint pain every once in a while! Because you are living with cancer, your physician and nurse are especially interested in any new discomfort you may have. In order to accurately report what you are experiencing, consider the following questions:

  • Where is the pain located?
  • When did it start?
  • How severe is it?
  • What makes the pain better? What makes the pain worse? 

Recommendations for Relieving Pain

  • For chronic pain, take pain medication on a regular schedule to prevent pain from reoccurring.
  • Notify your doctor if your pain medicine is not working.
  • Pain medicine may cause constipation, dry mouth and drowsiness, especially when you are just starting the medicine. Preventing constipation is very important. Most patients will take stool softeners and laxatives to prevent problems. Drinking adequate amounts of water is also critical. 
  • Learn how to help your body and mind relax. 
  • Try to distract yourself. Take part in activities that you enjoy. 
  • Get plenty of rest. Try to avoid stress and stressful situations. 
  • If you cannot control your pain, please do not hesitate to contact your doctor. Your care team is there to help you.